Rye Esb



This malty beast carries toffee, caramel and biscuit flavours. Complemented with a large portion of hops in the cauldron. A healthy dose of rye gives the beer a unique peppery, spicy character.

Style: Extra Special Bitter
Type: Ale
Colour: Deep Ruby Bronze
Alcohol Content by Volume: 5.8%
Bitterness: 45 IBU


Packaged – 330ml bottles in cartons of 16 or 4-packs – On-line and cellar door sales at Kunda Park

Draught – on tap at our Brewery Bar at Kunda Park

Keg Hire - While extremely popular with a great reputation across the craft beer-drinking fraternity of Queensland, this is not a beer that you would usually offer for party keg hire


All of the classical British brewers have at least one bitter.  However, a number of the breweries have focused on the characteristics of the Bitter and worked to powerfully combine them to created Extra Special Bitters.

The Sunshine Coast Brewery’s ESB, brewed along the lines of its British namesakes, has won the hearts – and palates of Australian beer connoisseurs.  Proving very popular,
the Brewery finds it hard to keep up with demand for its bottled product!