Chilli Beer


This pale, easy drinking ale has the added bite of chilli. Made with a closely guarded infusion of Queensland-grown birds-eye chillies.

Sunshine Coast Chilli Beer has over the years developed a solid and strong following, with fans located in all pockets of the country.  Our regular shipments of cartons of hot chilli beer to Melbourne and Adelaide lay testament to its popularity!

This beer is proving extremely popular with Mexican and Indian dishes and has a flavour that grows on you.

Because of the addition of fresh chillies to this brew, our bottled chilli beer is pasteurised to ensure freshness and therefore can be shipped without refrigeration.

STYLE:  Specialty

TYPE:  Ale

ABV: 4.6%


Packaged – 330ml bottles in cartons of 16 or 4-packs – on-line and cellar door sales at Kunda Park

Draught – Occasionally on tap at our Brewery Bar at Kunda Park.  When we make a fresh batch of chilli beer, we usually keg off 1 or 2 barrels of chilli beer for our fans.  We don’t pasteurise the kegs, so we can’t keep it fresh for too long.